Monday, May 1

James River Wine Festival

On Sunday Kris, Aubry and I went down to Richmond for the James River Wine Festival at the Innsbrook pavilion where we met up with Jason and Trina. I also ran into my old graduate school friend Rob and his fiancee Jen at the event. Most of the wines were so-so, but there were a few good ones. I guess that’s good, so that we didn’t feel the need to buy them all. We mainly ended up buying wines to make sangrias for Aubry’s graduation party. After a couple of hours of sun, we headed back to Trina’s for a cookout. I think this was Jason’s first cookout at the new house, and he did admirably. The food was excellent. Maybe I can convince him to do the grilling for Aubry’s party in a couple of weeks while I sit back and relax :) We left our kids at home, but there were enough dogs go around. Trina still has Thunder, so that makes four for her. And another guest brought his golden retriever, making it five. If we brought our kids, we would have doubled the number to ten.

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