Sunday, May 7

Cinco de Mayo weekend

Friday was Cinco de Mayo. Had a few friends over for a fajita cookout with margaritas. It rained midday and let up just in time for us to grill and eat on the deck before the sun went down. After the rain rolled through, it was a bit chilly, so we started a fire in the iron pagoda chiminea on the patio. Relaxing to just chat while watching the fire sipping on margaritas. On Saturday, we had a carwash fundraiser for the greyhounds at the Culpeper SuperWal-Mart. We had no idea what we were in for since this was our first carwash. We were all pleasantly surprised to make $591 by the end of the day. Since that will be matched by Wal-Mart, it was quite a successful fundraiser. We lost both of our fosters on Saturday. Zeke went up to Leesburg to meet a possible forever home. Angel went down to Richmond with Jason & Trina. We had originally planned on baby-sitting a couple of greys next week for a recent VAGA adopter. But she found people to house-sit for her. So now we are fosterless for a couple of days. Since Jason & Trina still have Thunder (a month now), I will pick up Angel on Monday to put us back at one foster each. On Sunday, we went over to Aubry’s to have lunch in downtown Orange. Then we headed to the Montpelier Wine Festival a few minutes away. This was about the same size as the James River Wine Festival last weekend. A local festival with local vendors. We bought a mix of different wines, a few dry mixes for dips, and a few bottles of sauces. We love being able to support the local growers and producers.

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