Monday, May 15

Aubry's Graduation Party!

We held a party at the house Sat night for Aubry’s ‘official’ graduation from the University of Mary Washington. This was our first big cookout of the season. The forecast had called for afternoon thunderstorms all week. Luckily, the rain stayed away. Aubry’s mom came in from Roanoke to help celebrate. Since Aubry is now part of the greyhound ‘cult’, quite a few greys came for the party. There were 15 dogs and 10 were greys (a practice for next week’s annual VAGA picnic). They all got along great, and we had a fun time watching them run around the yard. We had a varied menu including two types of Virginia wine-based sangria, home-made guacamole, bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, and bulgogi-marinated tri-tip steak as well as the usual fare of swedish meatballs, bratwurst and chicken wings. Something for everyone. The grill got quite a workout. After it got dark, we started a fire in the iron pagoda on the patio enjoying the heat while the night chilled around us. We set off some fireworks, and a couple of them surprised us when they whistled loudly then flew 100 ft or so in the air. Dante the dachshund tried to attack the fireworks as they were going off.


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  3. Congrats to Aubry! We all love our Aubry.