Wednesday, November 30

Musical Beds

It’s been a while since we’ve had a real foster dog. Trina’s group, James River Greyhounds, was nice enough to bring up a dog for one of our adopters. Her new family hadn’t decided on a name yet, so we called her Brown Dog while she was with us. Brown Dog learns the ramp. Stella has her back.
Parker and Stella break way for the Brown Dog, while Sabrina and Dottie urge her to keep moving.
Stanley and Stella trying to coax the Brown Dog to come down the ramp. In truth, the Brown Dog figured it out in no time by watching everyone else.
A blurry picture of siblings: Dottie, Sanburg, and little Carly. Funny that they are all black and white dogs. The other brother/sister we were watching were Milo and Charlotte who are both dark brindles. Just worked out that way.
I caught Sanburg and Carly behind the bushes. What are you guys doing?
Is that a skateboarder, someone walking a dog, a Harley? Better check it out.
Yeah, Carly is not impressed with the greyhounds and their antics.
Brown Dog played in the yard with everyone, but when it was time to rest, she quickly figured out the dog bed.
Later, she even took a dabble at the stairs.
Sanburg doing his best Nigel Buggers impression.
Kris' dad came over the watch the Hokies play UVa. Beth on her double mini couch bed, Kris’ dad with Murphy, Parker, Sabrina, Stella, Jaime, Stanley, Sanburg, Charlotte, Dottie, Milo, with Lucy next to Kris.
Pee break. Time for Musical Beds. Beth, Kris petting Lucy, with Carly next to the table, Stanley wedged behind Kris, Sabrina, Stella, Jaime, Parker Charlotte, Sanburg, Dottie, Brown Dog, Milo, and Murphy glued to his daddy.


  1. Around here the saying goes "shuffle your feet, loose your seat". Those dogs will steal a warm seat really quick!

  2. Dottie, Sanburg, and Carly look the cows. They remind me of those skinny cow commercials. Thanks for the watermark info, I'll have to check it out.

  3. Ha! I love the family portrait of the black and white dogs! It must be hazardous to your health to get out of your seat at your house!

  4. I don't think I'd dare move once I'd bagged a seat at your place. Hehe! Deccy x

  5. I don't think I'd dare move once I'd bagged a seat at your place. Hehe! Deccy x

  6. I saw another one of your 'group resting' photos on FB today and just thought it was a repeat of the one that was doing the rounds before. But now I'm wondering if it was one of these! Nope, it was the old one:)

    Isn't it funny how even though someone has warmed up their own seat, everyone else's seat is more attractive?

    Love Brown Dog.

  7. Brown dog is beautiful! I hope she finds her true name soon :) You certainly have a full house there! I love the 'aerial' photos of your living room, it's so, so nice to see all the cosy hounds- you can really feel the love!

  8. What a busy and full house you have! Luna has played musical beds with a lab and a whippet/hound mix. Too bad for her, those dogs are smaller so their beds are about half her size.

  9. I freak when I sit on a seat per-warmed by a human, but dogs seek that out. Nutty. They don't appreciate the cold side of the pillow either.

    I love these photos. They scare Mark.

  10. I think Stanley is hiding his head behind Kristen saying 'I'll stay here, just wake me up when I have my house back' :)