Friday, December 5

Stanley the Chicken Wing & Pippi Makes Three

Stanley sometimes looks like an eel out of water when he roaches. Just wriggling around. Maybe he’s scratching his back. To me, he ends up looking like a chicken wing.
Time to change sides. Loads of fun when he does this under the covers at night. That’s why I need a nap the next day.
After switching sides he notices something is missing? Daddy, what happened to my tube sock?
Meanwhile, over on couch, Jaime poops out a MiniMe.
Time to man the giftwrapping station at our local Borders. Tempest was our Therapy dog for the morning session. My guys would have loved to have gone, but none are therapy dog-certified yet. While the women discuss how cute Tempest looks in her donation jacket, Ted is already looking for things to giftwrap.
What is better than having two fosters? How about three. Pippi is a return through no fault of her’s. She a very sweet girl. She’s on the skinny side and needs to be fattened up.
Elsa and Pippi practicing their tag team hunting tactic.
Parker is on alert. He heard there are stalkers around.


  1. That's quite a crew of hounds you have. Nice job. Thanks.

  2. what i love about greys is how nude they are. once flipped over, they're all pink bits and fleshy thighs. shameless. i bet if they could talk, they'd admit to liking the breezy feel.
    still can't say "stanley" without using a mrs roper voice.