Friday, December 19

Roadtrip to Richmond

We took the kids down to Richmond this past Saturday for a whirlwind tour. They were a little restless in the car on the way down. They didn’t make a peep on the way back home.
First we stopped off at the PetSmart Meet ‘n Greet. Santa came by to take a pic with the hounds. This is the best we could do to get everyone to face forward.They rested for a few minutes in the car while we headed for the monthly walk at the dog-friendly Stony Point Fashion Mall. It was quite chilly, so everyone had their coats on. After the walk, some people headed home, some to the Three Dog Bakery shop, and of course we headed to the Bella Vino wine shop for a wine tasting and a few bottles to take back to Trina’s.Back at Trina’s, I worked on getting pictures of Ally. You can read more about Ally on Trina’s blog. Daddy. Why doesn’t anyone want to play with me? Because you’re the ‘Fun Police’. I wanted to get a nice picture of Ally with her sister, Dolly. Stanley wanted to know what I was taking a picture of. After running around with a stuffie, Stanley needed to catch his breath and dropped the stuffie.Before the stuffie even hits the ground, Cali and Dolly are in for the kill. Uh, where did my stuffie go? Anyone seen my stuffie? Stanley stood there for a few minutes stunned.All the girls are huddled around the stuffie laughing at the poor Stanley. Girls can be so mean!One of the main reasons we went down to Richmond was to meet Stella’s full littermate Max. Max did both Meet ‘n Greets and came back to Trina’s so I could get some pictures. Can you see the resemblance? Me neither. Stella is long and sleek. Max is tall and built. Wonder if they recognized each other. All right, everyone look to your left. No the other left. Much better.


  1. What a fun weekend! Greyt pictures. The one of Stella and Max is cute. =)

  2. i live for the day that we can take hounds into the shops. great pics

  3. Stony Point is a great place. We don't make it there often, but it's always fun. If you put some of those parade antlers on the dogs with Santa, he'd have a faster team to pull his sleigh!

  4. there's always one or two pups who think when you say look at me, they think you are saying, point your butt toward me.

    oh, and seka is also a member of the fun police. there's always one in every crowd. have a merry christmas.

  5. what? vino for trina? really? i'd have just given her a box of Ritz crackers and maybe some Play-Doh. She likes wine? i never sensed that.


    i'm sending this link to an aussie friend who is moving to richmond for a year. that mall sounded great.

    as for what brooke said, it's true. we can't take dogs anywhere. even in motels. lah hame!