Wednesday, December 31

Jaime Enjoys The Holiday Season

Jaime is enjoying this Holiday Season. She’s been spending a lot of it snuggling with her siblings. First with Stanley’s rump.Then with Stella’s rump.Jaime is a touchy-feely kinda girl.She is also enjoying the extra Holiday Treats. Jaime, wanta treat?
Smile for mommy! Smile!


  1. Love it when they smile! =) She is a very touchy feely grey. My hounds need their personal space. They must still be going through that "eeww, don't touch me, you have cooties" phase. LOL.

    Happy New Year!

  2. happy new year! love the smile - it's so hard to capture isn't it?

    every time i see your pics i cannot believe how your pups lay all over each other. my two barely touch with out a warning from one or the other.

  3. and whose head is peeking out on the far left?

    love the smile. k's, too. she's obviously smitten with jaime.

    oh oh oh, look! there i am. aussie flag to the right. cool.

  4. Jamie is like Reagan.... always laying on someone :-). Love the smile. I haven't had a greyhound that smiles since my first one a long time ago.


  5. awww, I love me some Jaime! Smiley dogs are the best!

  6. Great photos. That is quite a crew of hounds you have. Our hats off to you on handling that many hounds.

  7. i am so glad that your dogs are as mental as mine - I feel as though I am not alone in the crazy greyhound world! banjo and gracie are constantly snuggling - we call them the brains trust as they share a brain ; )