Thursday, May 8

The Kids Visit Aunt Susan

We took the kids down to Winston-Salem, NC this past weekend to see our friend Susan. The weather cooperated, and we were able to take the kids to visit a couple of the local parks. All the new smells.
Susan has two English Cocker Spaniels, Lily and Sandy. Sandy loves to run through the grass. She’s in her element. Maybe she’s sniffing out some quail.

Lily is a bit more exuberant about her romp through the grass. Maybe she’s flushing them out.

Kris with the kids. They are wondering why they can’t run off leash. This is at Tanglewood Park where they used to run horse races. The kids looked longingly at the race track.
Hey guys, wait for me. Daddy is trying to take pictures and slowing me down.
Aw, come on guys. Can’t keep up?
Jaime really enjoyed the plushness of the beanbag beds. That sure does look comfortable.

We took the kids to Salem Lake for a walk on the trails. It’s a 7 mile loop, but we only did about 3 miles of it. We need to find something like this near home. The kids loved it.
Lily decided that getting into one of the feeder creeks was a great idea. Parker dipped a toe in. The greys thought it was too close to taking a bath and kept their distance.

Stella’s ears perked up when she saw that we had returned back to the parking lot. Trail walking is fun, but she was looking forward to getting back and laying on a beanbag bed in the A/C.
We went to a nearby agility event. Kris had never been to one. Susan and I had done agility with Lily and Sandy over 10 years ago. Not sure if the greys are up for jumping through hoops and crawling through tunnels


  1. my first dog was a cocker. i think they're the wella balsam 70s shiny hair dogs. who wouldn't love those curls?

    did stella not wear her walking paws?

  2. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the one of Stella's ears sure does tell a story! That's a great shot!

  3. mmmmm...beanbag beds, i know my hounds would love them! Jasmine would have been all up in that creek! she loves the water! awesome capture of stella with her ears up! i think it was the kid with the candybar that got her attention!

  4. Looks like fun! We have parks like that in Richmond..I am just lazy. ;-)
    Glad you guys had fun!!!!

  5. i love the beanbag pic. i think my girls would love one, after they get over the noise it would make.

    i'm toying with the idea of doing agility with one of my girls. we'll see.