Monday, May 19

Bella, a BooBoo, and a Party

Bella, our new foster, was returned after almost a year. She’s a very pretty black girl. Very confident. She will have to settle for being second in charge. Stella is a benevolent queen, but won’t toleration a coup.

Bella is a bit smaller than Jaime, and with more white on her feet. That’s Bella on the left, looking like Jaime’s twin.

She was an only dog, and we’ve been trying to socialize her a bit. She’s gotten used to our guys. She will the share the couch and bed with no issues. She will even share it with me. Hey mister, did you just toot!

Stanley managed to fracture a toe while chasing a squirrel. His passion for his favorite pastime has not diminished any. Still always on the lookout for those darn squirrels. Doesn’t he look pitiful?
Bella felt sorry for him, and decided to help him heal via the greyhound mind-meld.

Bella did get a bit grumpy at a Meet ‘n Greet. Nothing like being swarmed by a gaggle of greyhounds. So what did we do? We threw a greyhound party. Last count was around 40 dogs and 50 people. Guess the immersion method worked. She was fine at the Meet ‘n Greet the following day. Lotsa food, drink, people and dogs. Hopefully everyone had a good time. I know my guys were pooped after the party. Speaking of poop, I did poopie patrol the day after the party, and it would take my guys an entire week to do that.

Some greys needed to take a rest from all that running around. Whyda decided to take a break in a mound of stuffies.


  1. Bella is gorgeous! And so are the other dogs - the two tuxedos together are stunning!

    Poor Stanley - I hope he heals well. He looks a lot like my Princess, only she is whip thin. If only I had her genes...

    My other grey was rescued at almost ten (a bounce) and wasn't used to other dogs. Huge amount of barking and lunging. We took him to an all-breed dog show, and not a peep! LOL!

  2. You guys throw the best parties. I'm totally green.

    I can see why Bella bounced back to you - she missed her twin. Wow, what a matched pair. It's fun to have two that look alike, isn't it?

    Poor Stanley. Were they able to reset it without surgery? What's the prognosis? Does he love the pain meds? I hope he is getting lots of marshmallows for his injury. Isn't it funny how they try to heal each other through the mind meld? LOL

  3. i love the photo of the penguins. bella and jaime together look like they are posing for hot chicks with douchebags. all strutty and smug. still, i know they cockroach. how smug can you be?

    sorry about stanley. i'm sure he chose the bandage colour.

    i, too, am green with greynvy when i see your parties.

  4. poor Stanley, Jasmine tore her back toe a month ago, she looked just as pathetic... im sure he is sucking up the extra attention!!