Wednesday, May 28

Greyhounds and Wine

What is it about greyhounds and wine? This past Memorial Day weekend, we took the kids to a couple of wineries for a picnic and sippin’ some wine. The weather was unseasonably cool for this time of year. Last year when we did this, it was quite hot and humid. We met up with Trina & Jason and their kids. We ‘convinced’ Roadie & Sallie to bring their parents along Please check Trina’s and Bruce’s blogs for more pictures of the events.
We went to Cooper Vineyard’s annual SPCA event. Since Parker is our ‘Black SPCA Special’, we like to do what we can to support his peeps. It was quite nice in the shade.
The kids love to hit the vendors at these events. Never know when someone might be selling home-made doggie treats.
We spent latter part of the afternoon at Grayhaven Winery’s Blue Festival. It was like deja vu for the kids. Blankets out, sitting in the shade, drinking wine, just a different winery.
We were babysitting Topsail for the weekend. He enjoyed his first winery experience. Not sure about the horses at Grayhaven. This is the closest he would get.
Roadie on the other hand was fearless. Maybe it’s just a greyhound on steroids.


  1. I'm a greyhound owner and I'm not a lush! I might be in the minority though! LOL!

    Beautiful pictures! I know a greyhound in Ohio called Roadie! Maybe she's a relative - she looks like your Roadie, too! Her name is something or other 'Roadshow'.

  2. I may be wrong, but is that horse giving Topsail a raspberry?

  3. I resemble that comment, katy!

  4. i'm guessing the hounds were the designated drivers....Sandy is pretty good behind the wheel but Jasmine just wants to go fast and chase cars...

  5. wine and hounds - sounds like a great afternoon out : )