Sunday, April 27

Spring is Definitely Here!

It’s been getting warmer and raining for the past month. This has been a longer Spring than we are used to around here. Not that I’m complaining. Having a few weeks to sit out on the deck, grilling yummy food, and have a nice glass of wine before it becomes unbearably hot is a good thing.
Our lilac was one of the first to bloom. The butterflies and bumble bees appreciated it.
Mmm! This nectar is yummy.

Ms. Butterfly. Save some for me!

All the pollen in the air made Jaime so sleepy, she could barely stay on her bed.


  1. Lilacs are one of my favorites. They remind me of my childhood. My grandparents had huge bushes that we used to hide in and make "forts". Jamie looks like she drank one too many beers at one of your grilling nights.

  2. Too funny..I saw my tulips blooming this morning and thought..hmm..I should come out and photograph a bug on them. We spend too much time together. ;-)
    Cool photos. Jaime is too funny.

  3. "It's slinky, it's slinky, for fun it's a wonderful toy!......... It's slinky, it's slinky it's fun for a girl or a boy!"

  4. if i did that, my spine would snap.

  5. Poor Jamie. No one did that scoliosis test on her during gym class in middle school.

  6. Jaime looks like Roadie does at they've almost become liquid in their relaxation. Roadie often flows off the bed like a Dali clock. I love the butterfly shot.