Sunday, April 20

Another Average Week For the Kids

Mmm. Turkey burgers. One for me. Another for the kids. The kids get happy when I light up the Big Green Egg.

Stanley math. Found a stick in the yard. Think I’ll take it in, so I can play with it later. Hope it fits in the door. Guess not.

Went to Trina’s for the weekend. It’s always nice when two alphas respect each other. Doesn’t mean they have to snuggle together.

Stanley roaching on the couch. I decided to join him for a little nap.

Daddy, make sure not to get my rump in the picture.
Jaime working on her tan for bikini season. Enjoy the few days of nice weather before it becomes oppressively hot and humid.
Where’s Jaime? We take the dog beds out on the deck so the kids can comfortably join us outside. I brought them back in and stacked them. Jaime didn’t feel it necessary to get out of the way.

As seen in Trina’s last blog entry, Stanley + couch = ETS. He’s even added a little nose drip this time for good measure.

We went to the Monticello Wine Festival this past weekend. The weather on Saturday was beautiful. In the 80’s with a breeze. Wine tasting made us hungry. Some skewered meats and crab cake sandwich washed down with more wine. Kris: I’m pretty sure that’s right! Trina: Woman, are you sure?


  1. Isn't it so funny how the black dogs prefer to sun themselves until they reach 350 degrees F? They do love to work on that tan year round!

    MMMMM.... turkey burgers. I love that you made buns for the girls too.

  2. I don't call her "woman" do! ;-)

  3. Geez...I guess Booyah is the odd man out. He does not like the sun!! He always finds a nice shady spot. Great pics! Looks like you guys had a good time at the Wine festival. :)

  4. turkey burgers? we don't have much turkey mince here. hopefully soon. it's not as big. turkey, brie and cranberry sammies are big. mmmm.

    you could put that on the burger.

    and thank you for not roaching yourself. or at least not from that view. stanley's freckle was shocking enough.

  5. i tried feeding my hounds deer meat, they would have nothing to do with it. I wonder if they would eat turkey burgers?.... I agree with greytblackdog.. Luke and Jasmine will roast themselves in the sun if you let them! Only the tan one is smart enough to get out of the sun!