Wednesday, July 25

Stanley Joins the Gang

Stanley’s returned from the vet minus his ‘manberries’ and a tooth. He seems to fit in quite nicely here. Not really up for playing yet, but is able to do the stairs and doggie door with no issues. Only tried to mark a couple of things in the house. Loves the dog beds and is finding out the couch is just as comfy.
It was a nice day outside (especially for July), so we sat outside for a bit.
Here is another shot of Stanley with his sisters.
Stanley says ‘I think I’m gonna like it here’.
Parker says he will guard the deck so the greys can get their rest.
For dinner, tried a little stir-fry on the Egg. Garlic chicken with onions. The wok is a couple of inches above the coals. About 1000 degrees F. Ooh it’s hot in there!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! =) We are so excited that Stanley is finally at home with you guys- Stella looks like she was posing in that one shot where she is in the background! Oh, and your dinner looked yummy too!

  2. Welcome Stanley!!!!! I am your aunt will get to know me soon enough. ;-) And Dana says..rooroorooooo! Shiloh is mad b/c they keep replicating and Dante wants to know if he can hump him..dysfunctional family. ;-)

  3. Congrats! Stanley is handsome!!!

  4. Congrats!! Stanley looks like a very sweet boy! =)

  5. stanley's looking a bit sexy in that last photo of him. might turn the aging stella into a young minx. could be competition. "sisters"?! i no sink zo.

    the wok looks full of yum. mork is clearly dead!

  6. Stanley is just gorgeous! I am a sucker for big brindle boys. I am sure that he and Stella will make a perfect pair!