Sunday, July 1

A Boy and His Toys!

We have gone from a houseful back down to just our kids. I have to admit, the house does feel a bit empty. Three of them left us on Saturday. Murhpy’s daddy returned from his fishing trip, so the little fence jumper is back home. Leeder got adopted and now has a new brother. His new brother is also a bounce back and got adopted on the same day. Leeder says he was just settling in here. I assured him that he was going to his forever home now.

Topsail also went home on Saturday. His mommy and daddy got back from the beach and were ecstatic to see him. They were met at the door with wagging tails. Jaime actually tried to leave with them. She really misses having a brother. We are in the works for bringing up a brother for her. Anyhoo, Topsail is a boy who loves toys!.. Peekaboo.

Can I have this hedgehog? It’s still got some crunch to it.

I only left a few teeth marks on it. It was talking smack. I had to give it what for!

Hey Mister, can I have this one too? I think it was giving me the stinkeye.

I give up. I went out of my way to remove every toy out of both toy baskets. And you just put them all back. Jeez!

Noah watches over the entire crew wondering when they are all going to leave. Saturday was his lucky day.

Parker and Stella decide to share the same pillow on the couch. Just opposite sides.

A slightly wider angle. Parts is Parts. Left to Right is Parker’s head, Stella’s feet, Jaime’s body and Kris’ elbow.

A close-up of Parker behind the couch. Just so darn cute!


  1. topsail (great name!) is funny with the toys. and ... and i still don't get what is stella in that parts picture. i recognise the foot. she's been scrambled.

    are you actively looking for jaime's new buddy or will you let the new dog find you?

  2. Wonderful photos! Parker is too cute and I think Topsail was giving you the stink-eye ;)

  3. What great pictures! I am glad to hear you will be keeping up your 3 dog limit! Any hound will be lucky to be part of your family!