Friday, July 20

Love the Couch!

Haven’t had an entry in a while. Been on the road a lot these past couple of weeks. Taking a few days off to welcome the new boy to our group. He will be coming up this Saturday, going to the vet and getting snipped and teeth cleaned on Monday, and back to our house on Tue. Kris and I are planning on taking the rest of the week off to help him acclimate to our family. When coworkers ask what I am doing on my vacation, I tell them I am actually taking ‘paternity leave’.

Anyhoo, here are some pics of the kids on the couch. As I write this, Noah, Parker, Stella, and Jaime are on the couch with me. Not unlike this pic.
Noah is in his usual spot while Jaime does her contortionist act and Stella gives her usual butt shot.
Ever heard of upside-down couch races? Looks like Stella is in the lead.
Behold, the siamese greyhound! Should that be conjoined?
It’s amazing the advances in modern veterinary technology. This is them after the surgery.


  1. i love your couch. guacamo would love it, too, but he still leaves a little mark. he's not allowed near one.

    jaime can twist. has she met her new bro yet? i was a little disappointed to check the blog and not see RJ (or whatever you'll call him), but since you gave me couch shots and promised that he's coming soon, i forgot my grumpiness and just enjoyed the couch.

  2. It HAS been a while since you posted, but good to see you had a few moments to update, and I am not really one who should be pointing fingers. =) Your pups look so comfy on the couch... I need to get you a pic of me, Kenney, Ana and Blue squeezing in on our couch. Our "border" is moving in today, so we will have a personal photographer available to catch just such family moments. ;-)