Thursday, March 29

Hi, I’m Jaime.

I’m the latest addition to the Park family. My daddy said I should write an entry myself so I don’t seem so aloof. As you’ve seen in the previous entries, I love the couch. Now I’m practicing how to jump on the bed from the hallway. I see Stella do it all the time, so I know it can be done. I like my new brothers and sister. My daddy says that Stella is the Queen of the house, and that I should respect that. He didn’t have to tell me. She just exudes it. I like to follow Lucas around. He never really seems to know why he’s running around or where he’s going, so it’s like an adventure every time . Parker just looks at me like, ‘Oh no, not another greyhound that’s staying for good’. I think I will make a Black Dog pact with him, and I’m sure we’ll be good friends.

I love to eat. Girl’s prerogative. Maybe it’s a black dog thing because Parker and I are the first to finish eating, and we wait around to see if Stella or Lucas will leave some tasty morsels behind for us. It only took a couple of times for me to figure out that the squawker means I get a treat if I come inside. I have Mensa-level skills when it comes to food. Maybe they will take me to obedience class to see how smart I am with a treat in front of me. At least show me how to sit and shake hands. That should impress people.

I was a pretty decent racer. I raced a bit in Massachusetts before heading down to Florida. I made it halfway back and ended up in Virginia. I like it here so far. I went to a Meet ‘n Greet the other weekend. Basically, I get to see my other greyhounds friends (i.e. sniff, sniff) and get petted and loved on by all kinds of people. I think they take us there so that we can hear people tell us how pretty we are. My mommy says that since I am a black dog, I will look good in almost anything. We’re going to Greyhounds in Gettysburg in April, and mommy promises to buy me all kinds of pretty stuff. Some might think I’m a bit tomboyish, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to hear how pretty I am.

I was chewing sticks in the yard the other day. I heard it keeps the tartar off. In one shot, Stella is behind me.

In this shot, Lucas is behind me. I’m just busy keeping my teeth clean.

This next shot is from my point of view. I was standing next to my daddy when he took this picture, so this is pretty much the same thing I saw. That’s my two brothers in search of something to bark at.

Parker likes to bark at people. Lucas likes to ‘bark’ at other dogs. His version of barking is doing laps around the yard until the perpetrators are gone. Stella’s specialty is Harley-Davidson’s.

I asked Stella if she was happy I was staying. She just laughed at me.

I think she’ll soon realize that she’s always wanted a sister.

That’s it for now. I think I will go shake the bejeezus out of a stuffie then take a nap.

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  1. what is it about a big booty that tapers to delicate ankles? and then all folded up like that (photo with stick)? sigh.

    she's very hot. and black is very slimming.