Tuesday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend

        Even the long weekends go by too fast. Kris went with her dad to the Hokies’ first football game this season on Saturday. Between the 7 hour roundtrip and close to 4 hours for the game, that’s an all day affair. The kids and I enjoyed going to the Ukrop’s Meet ‘n Greet while mommy went to the game. It was misting in the morning, but cleared up midday. We had a high of 10 greys. I think that seeing a gaggle of greys generated plenty of interest. Two applications have come in so far from people who met us there. Ukrop’s shoppers are giving people. We made close to $200. That’s not bad for a couple of hours of talking to people about how great greyhounds are.
        Burgers and hot dogs are Labor Day staples. So I decided to give a try at my first paella, the famous rice dish from Spain. One of the biggest on-line Spanish stores, La Tienda is near Williamsburg, VA. I went to a site near there last week, so I picked up a paella kit which included the special flat dimpled pan and the spanish short-grain rice. Cooking it directly on the grill was fun. Overall, it was quite yummy, but next time, I think I will leave out the rabbit and make it bit spicier. I tried to be authentic on my first try. Now I can tailor it to my tastes.
        On Labor Day, we took our blue leather couch over to Aubry’s. She gave her sectional to the family below her. It was a good couch in good conditon with recliners on both ends. But we ordered a new couch, and there just wasn’t space for it. Hopefully our order will come in soon. Two of the three pieces have come in.
        This week I’m going to Newport, RI for our regional meeting. Rumor has it that our group activity is sailing. Sounds like fun. Except the weather report is for rain the next couple of days. I’ve managed to avoid flying for the past 3-4 months, so this will be my first flight in quite a while.

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