Friday, September 15

Hannah & Shirley

Hannah and Shirley are our two latest fosters. Look how cute they are. How could you not want to adopt either one. Hannah is the white with brindle spots. Shirley is fawn with a black muzzle. They were just spayed on Tuesday, so they are still pretty subdued. They are mostly eating and resting at this point. Both are getting along with our kids just fine. We’ll have to cat-test them when they feel better. Noah, our crabby cat, is the designated tester. Usually he puffs up, growls, and whacks the grey on their muzzle. That’s enough to deter the cat-curious dog. Hannah is Thunder’s littermate. If you look back at his picture, you can definitely see the resemblance. They should be feeling well enough on Sunday for their first Meet ‘n Greet in downtown Fredericksburg. The weather should be nice, so hopefully we’ll have a good turnout.

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