Tuesday, September 26

Atlas Shrugged

Just finished ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand. A true classic and epic novel. It seemed a bit Orwellian (1984/Animal Farm) in theme, but much grander in execution. I enjoyed those books too. As an audiobook, it was 55 hours of easy listening. Driving, running, cleaning house, cutting grass... I listened whenever I got a chance. I will take a break from Rand for my next novel and listen to ‘In Cold Blood’ by Capote. We watched ‘Capote’ the movie and that got us interested in reading his book. Philip Seymour Hoffman was great as Capote. I had no idea that Capote had also written ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Such contrasting styles of books. ‘In Cold Blood’ is only 14 and a half hours, so I might finish that by week’s end. Kris is almost through listening to it, and raves about it. After that, I might go back to Rand and listen to ‘Fountainhead’ which preceded ‘Atlas Shrugged’. Or I may need a fluff book by that point :)

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