Thursday, March 1

New Teeth Scraper

We were getting ready to head down to Trina’s for her birthday weekend. The kids were greeted by a dozen or so turkey vultures. The only thing more offensive to Stella than a neighborhood hoodlum on a skateboard is turkey vultures. Of course she told them what for by barking her head off, but they were more interested in whatever was dead in the ditch. These two were giving me the stinkeye while I took their picture.
After we spent the day at the Virginia Wine Expo and the night eating and drinking at the Chef’s Table at The Blue Goat, we were still recovering the next morning. Good thing everyone could fit on Trina’s new couch.IMG_7175-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
We were watching Dusty and Fern for the weekend. Dusty catches some morning rays while waiting for his brekkers.IMG_7192-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
At the wine expo, we got the kids a special treat. A deer antler. Stanley went right to work on it.IMG_7216-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
Stella gives it the once over.IMG_7220-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
Not sure what it is, she decides to take a nap with it.IMG_7222-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
Jaime knows exactly what to do with it.IMG_7225-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
Old bone or...IMG_7227-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
New bone?IMG_7228-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
Definitely new bone.IMG_7230-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg
Little Jorja chews on bone more her size.IMG_7234-2012-03-1-11-39.jpg


  1. Oh they all look so sweet! Stanley certainly likes his bed well padded doesn't he?! Deccy x

  2. Mine haven't really taken to the antlers...wonder why. Loved your 'illegitimate' comment on my blog. :-)

  3. What on earth do a wine expo and deer antlers have in common, lol! My mind is boggling:) Trina's new couch is amazing! If I had one that big I'd have no excuse to not get more hounds;) Actually, I've got 4 couches but mostly Beryl is either on my bed or their mattress on the floor, which is covered in messed up duvets. Jorja looks so cute with her miniature bone. We can't buy deer antler here and my days of knowing hunters are over. I live in hope that I will track down a source for them though.

  4. PS .. I just want to say what a pleasure it is to comment on a Blogger blog and not have to type in 2 very hard to read 'captcha' words. It's becoming a real pain to comment on a lot of blogs.

  5. Everyone looks very content. We still haven't tried the antlers yet. I'm sure the boys think I'm neglecting them. :-)

  6. Those old bone, new bone decisions look exhausting! lol I am finding myself with a case of couch envy, too...

    I love Stella! May the turkey vultures never roost near her yard!

  7. What size is the deer antler? We have two elk antlers, but they are two big, I think, for the dogs.

  8. Antlers? We missed that. :( Good to see you guys at the Expo. We have meaning to try The Blue Goat. We have heard great things!

  9. so how ironic that we both posted about vultures. They must be out and about! I hadn't looked at your blog when I posted mine..I just laughed out loud! Not to mention the same couch photo..haha

  10. Always wondered about those antlers as chewies. As always love the photos. Stanley on the beds is precious. So Greyhound!