Sunday, February 19

Nap Time

I’m not sure if I take after them, or they take after me, but nap time is a ritual here. The last post showed me with the pups. But they are just as happy to snuggle with each other.
Not a few seconds after the baby gate is removed after putting clean sheets on the bed, the kids are ready for a nap.
Really, Jaime? Good thing that is not Stella tooty rump.
Yes, Stella. You managed to pull three blankets off the back of the couch. And throw in a pillow just in case.
A three way of ankles, feet, and nose. Does it smell like Fritos?
The larger picture. Stanley throws in ETS for good measure.
It really is hard to remember when Stella got all growly when we first got Jaime. Now Stella does not just tolerate it, sometimes she initiates it.
Nap time is over for Jaime when food is involved. Momma, I really wants that cookie!!!


  1. Makes me want to take a nap, just looking at them! Veil peels the blankets down so she can sleep on the sheets.

  2. Ha ha ha! Bunny pulls the blankets off the couch and puts them where she wants them, and Blueberry scratches up everything from the bottom up to suit her whims! It's like our house, but with more Greyhounds!

  3. oh, great photos - a snuggle pile of hounds! That last one is priceless!

  4. You have such a happy home with all those cuddling hounds. I love it!

  5. I wish I could manage to get a nap in. I'm pretty good at sleeping in with the hounds though. There's no way I would try to hold out on giving Jaime a treat. :-)

  6. Jaimie is viscous!
    ;-) kids like naps a lot too..

  7. I've given up making my bed. Beryl always rearranges it to suit her, which means digging up the duvet so she's got a back rest! Jaime is smiling, isn't she? I couldn't resist her, lol.

  8. Oh, does Jaime smile? Sometimes Ambam smiles! Nap time is an excellent plan! In fact... I might just... take one now *yaaawn*

  9. Glad you finally got a great picture of Jaime smiling! We should put it in the adoption books for new families :)