Sunday, February 12

Ms. Lilly and More Snow

We haven’t had a true foster in a while. Ms. Lilly was with us for a few days. She whispers sweet nothings in Stanley’s ear.Lilly reminded us of Jaime when we first got her. Very black with white chest and white footsies.
On Saturday, the sun was out and temps in the mid-40’s. Within one hour, the temp dropped more than 15 degrees, an inch of snow fell from the skies, then the sun came back out. Watch out Stella, looks like there is a stalled greyhound on the ramp.
Parker is better built for snow, and doesn’t mind the cold so much.
Stella returning from doing her business at the far end of the yard, shows off her close to the ground, low center of gravity style of running in the snow.
Jaime doesn’t really enjoy the cold. She came back in from the hard icy ground to find the softest warmest place on the couch.
Abby and Blue have been with us the past week. Abby could always be found in her favorite spot, the mini-couch bed in front of the tv.
Blue mulit-tasks by shaking the bejabbers out of a stuffie, then using it as a pillow.


  1. My dogs always run back to the door when they are done doing their business. So funny. Mine are still worn out from meeting & greeting yesterday.

  2. We didn't even get a single snowflake here yesterday! It got really windy and poured rain for about 10 minutes though. I'm with Jaime, better to find a warm snuggly spot inside than be out in the cold!

  3. Jaime and Abby look like kindred spirits:) Blue obviously likes things just so!

  4. Lilly looks like she's a riot! I hope her new family adores her.

    We had bitter cold here on Saturday, too. Bunny will run around and play in it, but Blueberry wants nothing to do with being cold!

  5. Lilly is very pretty.

    We had snow yesterday. It's gone today. That's the kind of snow I like. We may have thunderstorms tomorrow....crazy weather.

  6. My new girl had no idea that snow means playtime. maybe she should take her cues from Parker.

  7. beautiful photos, as always, but that last one - goregous!