Saturday, September 3

Mish Mosh

This post has various pics with no particular theme. The earthquake we recently had managed to shake out the petal insert to the hummingbird feeder. Now, instead of hovering, they can sit on the edge, and stick their entire head in for a relaxing drink.
We met up with Trina and Jason last weekend to go visit some Charlottesville area wineries before heading to Ten for sushi. Kris admires my Orion beer bubble.
After a monkfish liver appetizer, we ordered enough sushi for an army with plenty of beer, sake, and wine to wash it down.
Fenway never did figure out how to use the doggie door. He patiently waited for us to notice him.
Stanlely and Stella sacked out on the couch.
Fenway waiting to be let back in. Jaime knows how to use the door, but sometimes a girl likes to have the door opened for her.
Got a new pair of Five Fingers, the Bikila, specifically for running.
A huge spider in the backyard.
Fenway snuggling with the orange gorilla.
Stella came in yelping the other day limping. A scary scenario since she was fine when she went out. Luckily, it was only a couple of acorn tops stuck in her pads.
I haven’t really used the video capabilities of the 7D. I thought a Roo session would be good practice. Beth gives her two cents in the last couple of seconds. 

Feeding time? Beth gets quite frisky for an old lady. Notice the two lazy brindles on the couch.


  1. I love the roo video! Lilac used to do the same routine as Beth before we'd go outside for turn out. I miss seeing her do that!

  2. Fish liver??? Ewwww! Love your Five Fingers. I have a pair and pretty much do all my walking, hiking, running, and training in them. My right hip pain has gone away.

  3. Beth is stinking cute! Sushi was great!

  4. I have to tell you that the rooing just put all of our greys on red-alert.

    The sushi looked decadent, Karen and I easily could have packed that away.

  5. Yum, Sushi! I haven't had any for ages, I'm getting cravings now!

    I've never seen anything like those running shoe things! Very interesting. I don't think they've made it to New Zealand, lol. We're a bit behind the times.

    Monkfish liver pate, hmm, something else I've never heard of. I need a trip to the US!

    Loved to rooing video. It brought Frankie running but Beryl didn't raise her head!

  6. Is that Jaime on the couch who was too lazy to even lift her head for a roo? Too funny :)

  7. Hey, like your new five fingers!!