Friday, October 16

Goodbye Tamale

It’s seems so long ago that I started blogging about my furkids. I almost gave up on it until I found out that there were other crazies out there like me. I especially followed Katy’s Needle Nose blog. That allowed us into the everyday life of a greyhound in Australia. We loved following the antics of Tamale and the foster dogs. That is until Omo came along and decided he’d hit the jackpot. So like many others, we got to know and love Tamale. To get the news that she died so suddenly. That really hurts. I know when my Lucas died so suddenly, I really appreciated the support from the greyhound blogosphere. So we’ll be thinking of Katy and Omo. And Tamale knows that she was loved and will be missed around the world. This is a pic of Tamale I snagged from Katy’s blog from Jan 2008.
Read Katy’s tribute to Tamale.


  1. thank you. it does help. heaps.

    i've missed my greyhound bloggers so much. too much.

  2. she was one in a million - and I agree with Katy - the support that we get when we lose a hound is so appreciated. Everytime I lose one I know that somewhere in America is someone that understands just how I feel. We might be crazy greyhound bloggers but our love for the hound is universal.