Sunday, May 20

Rose Leaves & Party at Trina's

Rose left us to go to her new daddy and brother. Gus, the yellow lab, was quite happy she was back. Jaime will miss her. Neither Stella nor Lucas truly plays with Jaime the way Rose did. I’m sure we’ll be organizing some playdates for the two.

Jaime in her attempt to always be touching decided to do a ‘mind-meld’ with Stella.

You can read more about Trina’s party at her blog. Here are just a few pics.

Throw the stuffie already. We can’t chase it until you throw it!

The greys love just running around the yard.

Parker is looking out from the deck wondering if it’s safe to play with the big dogs.

Blue, Booyah, and Jaime. Is this some kind of black dog conspiracy?


  1. it's the black dog mafia!
    rose looks smitten with her new biped and quad playmates.

  2. I am so glad it worked out with Rose and Gus!