Monday, April 30

Rose Is Our Newest Foster & First Fredericksburg MnG

Rose (Erato) is our latest foster. She will be going to her new home in a week or so. She has a lot of energy and is very playful. She should be a great play partner for her new labrador brother. As you can see in the picture, she is quite a cutie.

Not so cute when she is eating. It’s all teeth and spit flying everywhere. You can see all the rice that is already outside of the bowl. Not to worry. Parker will clean up every last piece of rice. He is our little ‘Hoover’.

We had our first downtown Fredericksburg Meet ‘n Greet the other weekend. We always get a great turnout for this event. It really is just an excuse for the humans to get together to talk about how cute their dogs are. Because if we try to talk like that to someone who isn’t a member of the ‘greyhound cult’, you can see their eyes start to glaze over after a couple of minutes of talking about how your grey is so cute when she does this or that. If you look closely at this pic, you can pick out seven hounds. From L to R, the fawn is Allie, the dark brindle in the back is Milo, The brindle with the donation jacket is Goldie, my Jaime has her head resting on Goldie, Goldie’s brother Winston is next to her, you can see Lucas’ head next to Winston, and Stella on the right with Lucas’ butt on the far right. Quite the colorful bunch.

Joining us on the adjacent street corner were a group of college kids giving out ‘Free Hugs’. It’s an international movement that essentially just gives free hugs.

Some of the greys decided that getting petted wasn’t good enough. They wanted their free hugs. Kris took our kids over to receive theirs. Parker (behind Lucas) and Lucas get hugs with their mommy. Jaime is hugging her sister Stella. Stella and Jaime receive a hug from the college girl. Stella is looking back at me like, ‘Dad, are you serious?’ What is this movement you want me to be a part of? People shouldn’t be hugging me, they should be bowing to me. Jeez!


  1. I was just curious...are you a member of greytalk? and I seem to remember you saying you made some trips to pick up dogs...which kennel/track do you get them from? I'm just being nosey, cuz I've been reading about so many closings lately I think they were in Texas and Arizona or NM, can't remember right this sec. BTW, Rose is just gorgeous! Glad to hear another one is going to a good forever home!

  2. Great pics! Saying Rose is understatement. ;-) She is such a sweetie, though.
    Come enjoy a glass of wine by the chimnea ANYTIME! ;-)

  3. jaime looks like she's doing all she can to get closer to the hugs. she's all 'tocks!

    i hear you about the greyhound cult. we're sick. ...but i'm okay with it. it'd be really cool if i got a cool robe, but right now i'll just take the silly talk.

  4. Hey what about - Free Greyhound Hugs! Can you imagine our friends eyes glaze over when we start on about that...! We will be all like 'No SERIOUSLY they are FREE and you get to have a GREYHOUND give you one!!' They are WAY COOL hugs, trust us...

  5. Rose is a sweetie. My youngest wants her back. She was energetic and we only had her for a night. Nice pics!