Sunday, January 24

Beatrice's First Snow

As many of you know, we had a crazy snow storm this past weekend. We were well stocked with food and drink (people and dogs), so we just hunkered down and caught up on the DVR.
I also had to make sure the bird feeders were full. I was refilling 2-3x a day.
Can you see the cardinal in the Holly tree?
Oh, there he is.
Beatrice wasn't sure what the snow was. But she wasn't afraid to find out.
The others weren't so interested. I'm just gonna go potty right here. That's ok, right? 
What is the sound of One Paw Running?
Every greyhound running has the crazy face at some point. 
Throwing the bunny around got her to do some zoomies.
She has a bouncy running style, and was chest deep in certain parts of the yard. Greyhounds have very flexible backs.
As they were going back in, something caught the girls' attentions. Kelli has her ears back, Bea has her ears forward, and Abby has her ears up.
P.S. I haven't been blogging or reading/commenting on other people's blogs. I will try and be better about both.


  1. Those birds are so beautiful - great photos!
    Wow, look at Bea go, three legs do not hold her back at all.
    Can't beleive how much snow you have over there, think it is about 4 years since we had real snow.
    Dip, Elliot and Lynne x

  2. Cardinals are some of my favorite birds! Everybody looks so happy in the snow. I just love these shots and they made me smile.

  3. Crikey ...... its so good to see you back. I've missed you!! Beatrice sure looks as if she's having a great time. I'd really like to be running about in all that snow stuff with her. We don't have snow here but I run like that at the beach. It's the best feeling in the world, aye?? I love your photos. All that snow!!!! so beautiful!!

  4. So glad you were well stocked up with provisions. We saw on the news how bad Washington got it. They even said there was a travel ban, so had to be extremely bad.

    I love the crazed look:) Glad she enjoyed the snow.

    The Cardinal is stunning. They are lucky you are putting food out for them. Do you get any critters in your garden?

    Well you stay safe and warm. Sue, Polly & Honey

  5. Bea doesn't need that 4th leg. It'd just get in the way.

  6. Wow, Bea really seems to like the snow! My chi boys aren't too crazy about it and neither am I.

    That's so nice of you to continue feeding the birds when most people would not have trudged out in the snow to feed them two or three times a day.

  7. Great photos! Part of my storm preps for whenever we get another snow will definitely be buying bird food - I felt so bad for them!

  8. Enjoyed seeing that Bea had a great time in the snow! She seems to be full of spunk. :) I like looking at everyone's snow photos but must admit we do not miss it one bit!

  9. I always love the first snow. Everyone is excited to go play in it. After that, good luck shoving them out the door!

    I know what you mean about not being very good about posting or commenting of late. Seems to be going around.

  10. Beatrice's first snowfall looks like such a fun time. All the running in the photos is such a joy to see in the photos. Thanks for the share.
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