Sunday, July 19

Summer Walk

A couple of weekends ago, it was unseasonably nice. So we took the kids for a walk in a local park.
It wasn't a very long walk, maybe 30 min or so. But we were all pooped afterwards.
But watch out for ticks. I actually picked this guy off me from my own yard. 


  1. Looks like you had a lovely walk! Ticks are absolutely no fun and they are out in full force by us as well.

  2. They all look exhausted! We haven't found any ticks yet. I have been concerned because we walk in a wooded area every day.

  3. We have had tick warnings in our area, makes it hard to want to go for walks
    Looks like your walk was nice
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  4. Crikey ....... those tick blokes are bad news. The ones we get in Australia, not only make us sick, they kill us so we are mighty careful where they are concerned. Mum sprays me with a solution of water, citronella, eucalyptus, tee-tree and lavender oil whenever we go for walks in tick areas. So far I've managed to avoid them without anyone having to douse harsh chemicals on me.
    I get tired too after a big walk.

  5. We really have to watch for ticks here too....I check the pack daily for these little hitchhikers!

  6. Looks like a lovely place to walk the pack.

    So far, I have never seen a tick on any of the dogs mum and dad had or my dogs. We do get them here (Norfolk, England), so we've been lucky.

    Hope you have a good start to the week. Sue, Polly & Honey

  7. What a lovely walk, bet everyone enjoyed all the smells and trees.
    I was interested to read Charliedownunder's comment about making a natural insecticide. Perhaps try something like that next time you go.
    Dip Elliot and Lynne x

  8. All bugs are bad here in southern Indiana this year!

  9. Gross..ticks. Just hearing about your walk makes me want a nap.

  10. Ticks. Vile.
    Did you make kibble s'mores?