Sunday, November 3

New Girl Mini Me's

We now have the complete set of Mini-Me’s for all our pups. Past and Present. And Lynne also sent a Mini-Me in honor of Mr. Greyson. Thank You, Lynne. The Mini-Me’s are enjoying the cool Fall weather, and the color change.
Lena (foster) helps Kelli check out her Mini-Me. Oops! The Mini-Me actually looks scared as she falls over.
Let the staring contest commence. Kelli lost.
Really, Daddy? Why? 
Jenny: My Mini-Me smells like Chihuahuas :)
Ok, I’m ready for my Mini-Me pose. Did I get my ears right?

If you would like your own Mini-Me, please check out Dip Dip and the Bridge and Mini Me’s.

Added Note: This is the link to the original Mini-Me's for my crew.


  1. I love Jenny's ears! They remind me of Booyah.

  2. Oh my Gosh....what a great set of Mini Me's!! We just love Lynn's work and have our order in now!

    Great have a bunch of wonderful models!

  3. You know that I am a huge fan of the mini-mes! The new mini-mes are fabulous. Glad your family is complete and super excited that you have a kitty in the mix.

  4. That last photo is adorable. I love the Egyptian ears:)

  5. Great set of photos and captions, really made me laugh! So happy you are pleased with your enormous family of mini-me's, it was my pleasure to make them all.
    I don't know how you got Kelli to pose like that when she looked like she was going to grab it and run :) Tell Jenny Elliot always sits on my lap while I am crocheting - and after an hour weighs as much as a Greyhound!
    Thanks again.
    Lynne x

  6. The pictures are great! Love the comments, too.

  7. This set of real dogs and crocheted mini me's are so fabulous!

  8. I can't get over how much the mini-mes are like the particular dog they're modelled after and how much personality the little critters have got, lol! The last 2 photos of Jenny are wonderful :)

  9. Jenny's ears! They are perfect! LOL!

    Those mini-mes are great - I'm surprised though, that one or two didn't get stuffie-tossed. I've tried to buy statuettes for each one of our dogs, and so far it has worked well, but now we have Sid. Where am I supposed to get a fawn boy greyhound statuette with eyebrows and a right hind leg missing?

    1. When we got our first order, all our kids were 4-legged. But it wasn't long after when two became tripods. I don't think Lynne has made one of those yet.

  10. Aw, lucky you! A whole set, and they look so similar to the real dogs!
    Yup, Jenny got the ears right!
    Pippa :)