Thursday, August 22

Stella & Kelli

Stella turned 12 last weekend. She celebrated by spatchcocking herself. We were hoping to celebrate her last chemo treatment on Monday, but her white cells were too low, so a week on antibiotics, and recheck next week. Between Jaime and Stella, we have been going to chemo treatments since March. 
What Stella did get for her birthday was a new ‘little’ sister. I say ‘little’ because she is 80 lbs. Meet Talianna Kazoo, now Kelli. Brody & Jarkko are very interested. Stella: So who’s the new girl?
She was a good racer, but when she broke her hock, it put her on the path to our house. The pin was removed, but it’s only been a couple of weeks, so she still steps gingerly on that leg.
With all the dogs that come through the house, it took Stanley a while to notice. He was last in line.
Mr Toad says it’s only fair, since Kelli tried to sniff his bum.
Stanley tries to show her how to use the ramp, but she thinks he’s too slow.
The hair hasn’t even had a chance to grow back on her leg. With no stairs in the house or to get out to the yard, we figured we’d be a good home for a broken legged dog.
Are you my new daddy?
Surveying her new digs.
I watched Petey for a weekend. He thought Greyson’s bed was an awesome place, where he could keep an eye on everything. Kitty cat was not happy about it.
Brody is just a happy fella.
And his brother Jarkko is a handsome dude.
Parker busted eating nuggets in the yard.
Kelli quickly figured out that a big bed was more comfortable than the floor.
Starting to feel more comfortable.
Normally all our dogs have their vet work done in Florida before coming up. But due to her leg surgery and then being in heat, she didn’t get a chance. She is at our local vet today. She had a spay, dental, and hernia taken care of. She is out of surgery, and we’ll pick her up tomorrow morning.


  1. She's just stunning! congratulations on your new addition.

  2. Congrats on the newest family member! She's a beauty!

  3. Congrats. Been there; Maggie was in heat when she came up too and with us a few days before having to go to the vet.

  4. Aww! Welcome to Kelli! I had to go and look to see if she was related to Flattery, but it doesn't look like it. We used to call Blueberry our supermodel because she was so tall and leggy, and it looks like Kelli fits that bill, too. I'm sure she'll be really glad to get home tomorrow! And congrats to Stella for being almost done with her chemo!

  5. What a beauty! Welcome to Blogville, Kelli. Happy Birthday, Stella. Hope 12 is a wonderful year for you!

  6. I am so glad Kelli found you. She is a beautiful girl. Hope her leg heals up fine and she has no trouble from it.

    Had to smile at the boys checking her out.

  7. Welcome Kelli and Happy Birthday to Stella! You are the perfect home for Kelli! She is beautiful!

  8. Happy 12th Birthday to the Queen! Welcome home to Kelli! I know she wasn't supposed to make it quite as far north as she did, but I'm glad I got to meet her on adoption day, she's a beauty! Oh, and Parker looks guilty :)

  9. Belated Happy Birthday to Stella. Here's to many more :) What a beauty Kelli is, black hounds rock! Yes, I can well imagine you having the perfect home for her. Looks like she knows it too. Congratulations to you and Kelli.

  10. She's beautiful -- black greyhounds are our favorite!!!
    Looks like she's right at home and settling into retirement nicely : )

    Happy Birthday to Miss Stella!

  11. Happy 12th birthday Stella, love her picture sprawled all over the bed. Hope she is feeling well enough for the last chemo session now. It will be nice to get it over with.
    Welcome to Kelli, from the smile on her face she looks like she knows she has found a good home - especially with no stairs to climb.
    Lynne x

  12. Happy Birthday to Stella you are looking gorgeous and certainly not looking an older lady! So pleased the black beauty will be with you guys and hope she's soon better. Lovely photo's of all the guys as always xxxxx

  13. Hi Mom and I saw your question on Dip, Bridge and Elliot's blog about the vineyard Lynne painted for us.
    The vineyard was Raffaldini Vineyards and Winery in Ronda, NC which is in the Yadkin Valley.
    Mom has a place in her heart for the majestic Greyhound bred.
    Yours are most beautiful
    Hugs Madi(son) D. Cat in North Carolina

  14. So glad to see all of them so well.

  15. She's very regal looking! It looks like everyone is getting along well :) Hopefully the recheck at the vet will be Stella's last vet visit for awhile! The poor girl needs her beauty sleep!

  16. It is so wonderful to see a family that is so dedicated to animals!! Thanks for all you do!!

  17. Would you allow me to use one of your photos with a dog roaching? I'm trying to do a blog about roaching, and have no pictures of my own greyhounds doing the "roach"

  18. congratulations on the new arrival. she's a stunning girl.

  19. Quite a houseful again huh? Those guys that end up with you are very lucky dogs indeed! Deccy x

  20. New girl is VERY beautiful! Those lovely eyes! And yes, what a great house you have for her with no stairs. Sorry to hear about Stella's white count. Hopefully that's just a little glitch and she'll catch up next week and be fine. Fingers crossed on that one. Hope Kelli recovers from her surgeries quickly, too!

    All of your dogs are lovely, but I think I have a soft spot for Stanley, bless his heart.