Sunday, December 9

Settling In

We’e been at the new house for a couple of weeks now. Unpacking is such a chore, but a glass of wine definitely helps the process.
The kids have settled in nicely. With Kevin anchoring the couch, the girls barely noticed the difference.
We didn’t have one at the last house, so Stanley wanted to know what this gas fireplace thing was all about.
Our very first visitor was Trina’s Shane. He took the corner bed to catch the first morning rays.
Our second visitors were Sunday and Finley (litter mates) who are now only 10 minutes away, so we will probably be seeing much more of them. Sunday is always on alert.
Finley is a snuggle bunny. Stella doesn’t seem to mind.
Couch space was always at a premium.
So was bed space.
My niece and nephew did not want to wait until we were totally unpacked, so the whole family came to visit. The kids were happy to have so many people handing out treats. Except for Stella who stayed on the couch under the protection of Kevin the entire time. She was not going to play their reindeer games.
Edo heard that this was a snuggle couch.
This is not so much Stella snuggling with Jaime, as it is Jaime was there first, and Stella wanted it.
Help momma, I’m being smothered.
Too late.
The kids have really been enjoying sniffing around the yard. The property is 4.75 acres with about 1 acre fenced in. If you look closely, you can see Shane at the bottom and Finley at the top.
The view from the deck. The yard backs up to a pond.  I used to rake, but finally broke down and got a gas leaf blower. Ten hours and a week later, the yard is clear.
This puts us only 20 minutes from Trina. Let the festivities begin.


  1. Yep, the pups do not seem stressed at all. Kevin looks very happy in his new home. You have a wonderful yard for the dogs. It definitely looks like a nice place to live.

  2. SQUEEEEE!!!! ;-) I think the games HAVE begun and I love your new house! Thanks for watching Shane!!!

  3. Wonderful! Coveting that beautiful yard!

  4. Gorgeous new space! Bet you're happy to finally be in. I've been in my house 5 1/2 yrs and I'm still not completely unpacked. Hope you guys fare better!

  5. Gosh, everything looks like it is WONDERFUL...except the unpacking part (yuck). I can't wait to hear all your adventures in your new home. Congratulations!

  6. What a lovely home. Love the photos of the various hounds. Hope you will have many happy years there.

  7. Glad you are all settling into your new home. Wow that garden is to die for - I would never have to take my dogs out for a walk if I had that much land!
    Love the snuggling pics, it is hard to believe a cat lives among all those Greyhounds.
    Lynne x

  8. What a nice place - inside and out. Looks like there's a great place for a huge Christmas tree, too. So happy to see Shane - I just love him! Here's hoping unpacking is quick and easy -

  9. wowee all that land how lucky you and the kids are, well maybe not the leaves! Unpacking sucks! but I've heard a glass of wine helps LOL.

    Love and hugs from the Taylor pack xxx

  10. Your new place looks fantastic; I am so envious of all that space- especially outside! The kids seem very happy in their new home! Deccy x

  11. Funny how, after the initial sniffing expedition, the kids settle right in!!

  12. Love that you guys are so close to Trina & Jason! Hope we get to see it in person some time!! Blue & Ana are excited about that yard!!!!

  13. Very exciting and congratulations! I want to MOVE. Ok, not move, but be in a different house. Just seems so daunting with so many dogs, but you guys are inspiring. :-)

  14. Just having a little catchup on a few of my favourite blogs and couldn't leave without saying what an awesome yard you've got! I'll bet the hounds are loving it:) We've been in our new place for about 9 months now (which is hard to believe!) and I've still got stuff to unpack, sort, dump, give away. Glad everyone has settled in easily. Kevin looks right at home too.

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