Sunday, August 12

Catching Up

Haven’t posted anything about the kids in a while. Let’s see what I missed. Oh, Parker’s 13th birthday and Stanley’s 10th birthday. And before I forget, Stella’s birthday is this coming Thursday. For being a forgetful daddy, I tried to make it up to them by bribing them with pork heart.
I think it worked. I snagged a little piece for myself.
We’ve had a few boarders too. We are scaling back as we get ready to put our house on the market. This is Sabrina’s second home, and she makes herself comfortable by going straight for the couch and snuggling with Kevin.
We actually had a real foster for a few days. Seth is a return, who is a sweet boy, but probably best as an alone dog.
Jarkko and Brody think twice about the long stairs, and head over to the ramp.
Jaime was not phased by all the comings and goings.
We found a new style of bolster bed at Costco. Stella is always the first to break in any new bed.
Gracie is a toy hoarder.
In honor of the Olympics, Gracie and Stanley try their best at synchronized laying around.
Gracie tried her turn at the new bed.
Jaime showing her sad face.
Vegas shows what roaching is all about.
He does an impression of Trina’s Henry with his big ol’ ears.
When it was just our kids for a few days, Stella was happy to have her spot back on the couch with Kevin.


  1. You always make me wish we had a Costco with those bed pictures! lol It looks like you've had some good looking company. Good luck with the house sale!

  2. Oh boy, having recently gone through selling and shifting I don't envy you:) But I sure hope you sell your house quickly and it all goes smoothly. You've got a lot of dog beds to shift:) I love the new bed of Stella's. Beryl always likes a backrest and she'd be right at home in that one. Just as well lying in it wasn't part of the Olympics as I don't think Gracie would have got a medal, lol!

    I'm so impressed that Kevin is still looking in pristine condition. Frankie would have disembowelled him long ago!

  3. That sounds exciting, have you chosen somewhere new?
    Love all the pics of the kids - that must bring your dog bed count up to about one million 400 doesn't it? LOL.
    Happy Birthday to Parker and Stanley and Stella on Thursday, I'm sure that heart was very welcome!
    They really love Kevin don't they, so sweet.
    Lynne x

  4. They are all so lovely! If you're going to sell your house, don't forget you need to fit Kevin & that sofa in the new one! deccy x

  5. happy birthday to Parker, Stanley and Stella xxxx

    love seeing the photo's of your pack and the guests! gold medal for Synchronised laying down.

    Love and hugs Sue and the Taylor pack plus 1

  6. You take the BEST greyhound photos. I smiled my way all through this post. Good luck getting the house ready for sale. I hope everything goes smoothly.

  7. I would hate to have to sell our house with all of our dogs. Where are you guys going?

  8. Best of luck! Hope your house sells quickly!

  9. Great photos! I love how all the hounds love Kevin.

    Do you have a new house picked out?

  10. greyt pics, as always! Love the synchronized laying about. And Kevin.

  11. What a great selection of pictures!

    I'd love to snuggle with Kevin too.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  12. Oh..that photo made me cry. I miss Henry..

  13. Vegas is a very handsome boy! It looks like Kevin brings endless hours of joy around your house too! I wish you guys weren't moving, but I still hope the house sells quickly and the move goes smoothly for your sake and the pups :)

  14. OK, so why wasn't I following your lovely blog?? You are so kind to pop on to my blog and leave your lovely comments about Song.

    Looking forward to reading about your fur babies.