Thursday, January 5

Somebody Play With Me

We went to Aunt Trina’s for New Years. The sun was still out when we arrived, so I thought I’d get some pics of the kids playing in the yard. Mostly, it ended up being the old man, Henry, who did all the running around. He stretches in anticipation of a good chase.
Stella, will you play with me?
Come on! Play with me!
Why won’t anyone play with me?
I guess I’ll just wait here till some comes to play with me.
Stella: Won’t someone play with Henry? How else can I be the Fun Police?
Cali takes her up on the offer, and decides to give Henry some love nibbles.
Henry decides that boys are more fun and takes a stroll with Stanley.
It doesn’t take long before they are corralled by Cali, while Stella the Fun Police looks on. The goofy boys don’t stand a chance against two alpha girls.
Henry gives up on the other hounds. Hey Uncle G, do you want to play?


  1. He's cute! I'm glad he got a little fun in.

  2. I love the big stretch picture. Got to make sure you're all stretched out before you run.

  3. Aww, Henry is always near and dear to my heart! I love it when the seniors get a burst of puppy energy!

  4. Very cute! I love it when they do the play bow and the "come on, let's go!" move.

  5. I love my Henry!!!! he is such a goober! And much happier after his surgery!! Thanks for posting such lovely photos of my boy.

  6. what beautiful shots! Poor Henry, no one wants to play!

  7. Henry, you need to come here. Scout would love someone to play with her. Nice photos!

  8. Isn't it great to be able to see all the different personalties:) Henry looks fabulous!

  9. I love that sweet old boy. Go Henry Go!