Wednesday, July 20

Back to a Full House

With 13 dogs tromping around, the middle of the yard is not a very safe place to be.
Won’t move over for the Couch Queen? Fine! I’ll just sit on you.
No sooner had Kris taken a seat on the couch when Max jumped up and wanted to snuggle. Not to be outdone, Stanley jumped up and went straight to sleep. Sabrina looks for a spot on the couch.
Ava snuggling with the gorilla.
Eleven of the thirteen. Clockwise from bottom left is Beth, Jaime (with Thundershirt), Parker, Stanley, Sabrina, Strut, Stella (being spooned by the gorilla), Jasmine, Vegas (who I kept calling Elvis), Max (who is bigger than Stanley, but fit in the small bed), and Ava. Gracie and Sandy, the two fawn girls were upstairs with me directing the shot.
We actually had two short-tailers with us. Both Sandy and Max. Max is proud to be different. They both give a shout-out to Beryl.
What’s the hot accessory this year for the summer? Thundershirts. Jaime and Parker are sporting the belted cow look. Ava likes the solid colors.
We got a couple of mini-couch beds from Costco. The kids, especially Beth, like the bolstered beds. Parker looks on at Stella’s inability to properly use the bed.
Yes, Kat. You are doing it properly.
We threw one of the beds on the landing, intending to take it upstairs. Gertie, who is a little shy, thought it was the perfect spot to hang out.
This past week was Beth’s thirteen and half birthday. We figure at this age, we’ll start celebrating twice a year.
Today is actually Stanley’s 9th birthday. He was much darker when we first got him. He’s such a sweet boy.  He is king of the sovereign nation of 'Weluvustan'.
The weather was beautiful for a few days before this crazy heat wave hit. We enjoyed actually being about to sit out on the deck with the kids. Front to back is Stella, Nelly, Lotta, Kat, Stanley, Jaime, and Parker.
New boarders Kat and Lotta. I do believe I said in a previous post something about no new boarders. The sisters are both very sweet girls.
Beth loves to play ‘hall monitor’. Stella is wondering if she can pass without arousing the wrath of the ‘troll’.
A parting shot of the landing to the basement. That’s over 300 lbs of dog food, and 432 ft of bully sticks. If we’re ever quarantined to the house, at least the kids can eat and have treats.


  1. Seeing pictures of Max so made my day!!! He looks good, happy, and I see is still his snuggable self.

  2. Happy Birthday to Bella and Stanley! That is a huge amount of dog food. :-)

  3. Happy Birthday Stanley and Happy 1/2 Birthday Beth! :) That was a crap load of dog food. The Thudershirt rocks! It has helped Maggie sooo much! No new boarders hug? ;-)

  4. Stella cracks me up! She doesn't take crap from anyone and that froggie position is just too funny! I ordered a thundershirt for Puddin, but we haven't had any storms yet for me to try it out on her - I hope it works! Happy Birthday to sweet Stanley and at this age Beth deserves celebrating twice! Oh, and is Max Mr. Fields? We brought Mr. Fields up on the haul from Florida and I loved him!

  5. That is a lot of dog food! Yowza!

    We have a Thundershirt here, too, because, you know, all the cool kids are wearing them! :P Ours is the pink rugby stripe version, though!

    I think your full house looks like fun! I'm still envious of that orange gorilla, too!

  6. Angela, Max was Mr Fields. He's still available :). We ordered a pink Thundershirt for Jaime, but they sent a blue one, and Jaime didn't seem to mind.

  7. It taken me a long time to look at all those lovely photos:) I savoured quite a few of them and Beryl is very impressed with Max. She said he can come visit anytime!

    Love Stella's froggy pose on the mini couch and on the landing. I think you could only have 13 dogs in one room lying quietly if they were Greyhounds! Beth is looking wonderful for her age and belated Happy Birthday to Stanley. What a gorgeous hunk of dog.

    And that sure is a lot of dog food! I hope it will last you a while:)

    Thanks for all the lovely photos:)

  8. You guys must really run a tight ship with all those greyhounds visiting. At least greyhounds are pretty easy going. Can you imagine 13 labs? Yikes!

  9. That Kat is a CUtiE!!!!!! Seka would like to live in your basement - for a week. That's about how long that food would last.

  10. I didn't know that Stelka is of the frog clan. My groin aches looking at her.

    I had a lot of chuckle moments, but Weluvustan killed me. Ha! Weluvustan. Bet it's next to Turdistan and Napsylvania.