Saturday, March 13

Sweet Jorja and Flat Brutus

About a month ago, I picked up a puppy while in West Virginia for work. It just so happened that Kris’ coworker was getting a puppy from her sister who lived only about an hour away in Kentucky. She is a border collie / sheltie mix of some sort from the shelter. Meet Jorja.
Who are you? Are you taking me to my new home?
French Fries. I love you mister.
Fries make me sleepy.
Running in her dreams.
The long road trip made her thirsty. It was almost 6 hrs back to the house.
The kids were very interested.
Parker says, hey, someone my size.
Let me give you a tour of the house.
Upon seeing the orange gorilla, she quickly tried to claim it as hers.
Stanley giving Jorja an Eskimo kiss.
She quickly found a more suitable orange toy.
Our kids quickly lost interest, and the muzzles came off.
This bed fits just right.
Stanley is impressed with Jorja’s ability to pull a toy many times her size.
I took some pictures of her when her new family came to pick her up, but it appears I inadvertently deleted them.
On another note, we signed up for Flat Brutus’ World Tour. Find out more at Flat Brutus World Tour.
Next year, ‘Flat Stanley’ may go on tour.


  1. Oh my gosh! The cuteness! I don't know if I could have given her up!

    Flat Stanley would be cool! Flat Brutus is coming here, too!

  2. The behavior of all those big dogs towards that newcomer puppy speaks volumes! What great kids they are ... but you knew that! So FLAT BRUTUS is coming to your neck of the woods?? I'm sure the kids will like him! Can't wait for the blog. I vote for a FLAT STANLEY WORLD TOUR ... OH YES!!!

  3. Jorja is a doll! Can't wait to meet Flat Brutus when he comes to Virginia.

  4. Jorja looks like a ball of snuggly cuteness!! How wonderful that she was able to find a loving home. Funny that you have your own "Stanley" to make flat! It shouldn't be long before Flat Brutus comes to you, so keep those muzzles handy :)

    Brutus the Frenchie

  5. It's like a David/Goliath post. And it makes me want a fun little dog to liven things up around here. That last picture should be an example for all considering photographic perspective. The toy looks two mile long. Great pic!

  6. You are so right about that last pic LWD! I didn't especially notice, until you mentioned it ... I was carried away with Flat Stanley dreams. Great perspective for sure! Thanks!

  7. Flat Brutus will be on his way to you by tomorrow. We hope you enjoy his visit as much as we did.

    There's a ton of cuteness on this page!!

    The Rocky Creek Scotties

    PS- We have puppies!

  8. Loved the post! I'm thinking where I can take Flat Brutus -

  9. Is that little one still partying at your place? :)