Saturday, September 13

Missing in Action

Been a real slacker. Guess I dropped out of the blogosphere for a month. So this will be a hodgepodge of pictures since the last entry. Hmm, lets see what’s been happening. Our guys plus or minus babysitting kids and some fosters. So I guess not much really changed in a month

One of our VAGA members, Capt. Judy, retired last month from the Navy. Some members went to her retirement ceremony. She and her two girls, Allie and Sandy, now have time to travel across the U.S. I would love to retire and travel with the wife and kids in an RV across the country.

        We had a carwash at the Wal-Mart in Culpeper. We had a pretty good flow of cars going. I was mainly the tire washing guy. We were pretty pooped after washing dozens of cars. I think this picture of Ted and Rex says it all.
        Bossie got adopted. She is going to a home with another shy and reserved girl. You would think with a name like ‘Bossie’, she should be an alpha girl.

        We were driving back from a Meet ‘N Greet, and Stanley was tired. So he decided to use Stella as a pillow. What a sweet face.
        We babysat Maisy and Eleanor for a few days. Not sure what it is about Stella’s rump, but it seems to have a certain magnetism.
        I’ve heard of playing Footsy. But Jaime and Maisy were playing Earsy.
        It’s bad enough when my guys hog the couch. L to R is Stanley, Eleanor, Jaime, Stella, and Maisy.
        After Bossie got adopted, we got another foster, Abby. She was also on the shy side. She’s a small brindle. She liked Jaime. Maybe because Jaime is the weenie in our group.
        Abby had a habit of just sitting. In this one, she looks like I’m about to beat her. I get this look from Jaime all the time.
        Last weekend, Jason and Trina came up. You’ve probably already read about her ‘tire troubles’. While they were having a rough time of it, their kids were enjoying time with our guys.
        Dante followed his breed instinct and burrowed himself into the toy basket in search of the perfect one.
        Beamer stayed with us for a weekend, went back to his family, and is now back with us as a foster. He’s been a good boy. Kinda like Jaime when we got her, Beamer just needs to find the right home. He’s a very touchy dog. Here he is trying to get in Cali’s good graces.
        Dana is trying her best to keep Jaime from slipping off the dog bed.
        Pigs in a blanket? How about Dante in a blanket.

        L to R is Stanley, Parker, Stella, Trina, Shiloh, Cali, and Jaime. Kris and Dante are on the floor.


  1. i wonder if you rub greyhound-nip (kind of like cat nip for greys) on that sofa. i've never seen anything link it in my life.

    the earsy pic is my fav of the bunch. glad to have you back in the blog-o-sphere.

  2. i got that abby-look from omo. of course he got the talk. he was eating my hand-spun wool. evil.

    i think you were just sooking because trina's been honing her action shot skills. i smell photo-off.

  3. I missed your fantastic photos. I figured all of those hyperactive dogs - clearly depicted in your photos - may have just been runnin you ragged! Hope all is well!!!

  4. We were thinking of putting out a REWARD for our missing "blogger". All the pictures are great. Loved the one of Stanley boy's face and that one of Abby sitting is just priceless!

  5. So..I am VERY surprised a photo of my blatent abuse of your subdivision's speed limit rules didn't surface in this one..;-)
    welcome back!

  6. i just want to grap those ear and smooch them : )

  7. Wow. Earsy. Who'd of thunk it? What a great photo!

  8. i was just showing my husband your blog. i said "he has great action photos" but what mark saw was the shot with 5 of your kids on the couch. that made him laugh "great action shots."

    hey, sleeping is an action. to sleep? that's a verb.