Tuesday, June 20

Parents Return & Marathon Week

        My parents returned today from spending six months in Korea. The entire family waited at the the international arrivals section of Dulles. In a sense, it seems like they left just yesterday. But six months is a long time to be gone. I know they especially missed not seeing their only granddaughter. The direct flight from Seoul was 14 hrs. It’ll take few days to get over the jetlag.
        On another note, I did my first marathon this past week. It took me all week to do it though. Running between 3-6 miles a day, I ran a little more than the equivalent of marathon. Now I need to see if I can do all 26.2 miles at one time. I can already do a 5K and 10K. Next on the list will be a 1/2 marathon. With all this running, I’m flying through the audiobooks on my iPod. Running and listening to an audiobook. That is my kinda multitasking. This is definitely the most ‘well-read’ I’ve ever been.
        On a final note, it was my big boy Lucas’ birthday today. He turned 4. We love our big goofy boy.

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