Saturday, February 18

Sit, Jennifer, Sit

Who says greyhounds don't sit? We had a Meet ‘n Greet today. We had probably close to a high of 20 or so greys show up. A nice lady came with her 7 year old grey to foster Jennifer with the option to adopt. We heard from her later that Jennifer was settling in nicely. I sure hope Jennifer works out there. If we have to take her back, we might ‘chip’ (can’t have just one) and have another ‘foster failure’. On another note, nothing much has happened from the original challenge that started this blog back in mid-January. I have definitely been keeping up with my blog better than my wife or Aubry. Now I guess we’ll move onto a bigger writing project. Game On!


  1. Jennifer is beautiful! Star is going on an HV Friday. Could be the one for her.

  2. we've had 15 foster dogs since we've started and our latest is the first to sit on her own. usually after she's been scared by the cats and runs to "base" (grey carpet). sits excitedly waiting for ear rubs.

    Jennifer is really beautiful. i own a black and white, but other than her, i don't get many that are more white than any other color. i don't favour one look, but i do love to see the variety of colours.