Sunday, September 2

Midge, Maggie, and Baron

I was trying to get some shots of Midge, Maggie and Baron in the backyard yesterday. The weather was so nice, and everyone was milling around. Then a kid on a skateboard went rolling by. Stella could not just let this transgression pass. Skateboarders are the bane of her existence! She strikes a wide stance, ears and tail up, and pounds her feet on the ground and barking. Guess she was calling in the troops, in case this juvie decided to come into the yard.

After he turned the corner, Stella decided to let someone else take over guard dog duties while she got some sun.

Baron is a return. He came up on the same haul as Stanley. They seemed to remember each other. He is a real sweetie, and has been no trouble at all here. We think he may have already found another home. A couple who adopted from us last year is looking for a second grey. He’s such a good boy that people will be lining up if this doesn’t work out.
He has that look like, ‘does this bone come with the bed?’ ‘Can I keep it?’
Clay is back with us for the weekend. We weren’t going to see him again until Christmas time. But his family was visiting friends nearby who have two chihuahuas. Clay is not cat-friendly, and yappy chihuahuas might look a bit too close.
Maggie finally decided to trust me enough to lay down and let me get a shot of her.
Because she was always on the move outside, I wasn’t able to get any good shots of her in the yard. But inside, Midge decided that it was time to pose for her glamour shot.
Midge and Maggie are so sweet together. They run around the house chasing each other and pulling toys out of the other’s mouth so the chase can go on. They will lay down on adjacent beds and mouth each other. They are just best buds. I wonder if being littermates and essentially never being separated from birth has anything to do with it.


  1. baron's colour is beautiful. so deep of a red.

    and the M&M twins are too cute. sisters. soooo telling secrets. wonder which one has the crush on stanley.

  2. Baron is a gorgeous pup- I am so glad we were able to meet him on our way back home! It is too bad I have had no luck convincing Kenney we need a third one because he is a keeper! Ken was eyeing your new vehicle today, and I was trying to give him the hard sell. New vehicle for him = new greyhound for me! No luck as of yet, but I have time to work on him...probably wouldn't be a good idea to get another one before the wedding anyway...Jason and Trina might "lose" our phone number since they are already too generous in watching our guys for two and a half weeks while we are away. =) Good seeing you and Kristen today! We need to have everyone over to our place soon!!

  3. Those two are cuties! I wish I could have met them!