Wednesday, September 5

Labor Day Get-together

Our kids are resting up to go to Trina’s Labor Day get-together. They managed to segregate themselves with black dogs on one side, and brindles on the other. Stanley has his head up stella’s rump.
The sunroof in our Outback opens up into the back row. Baron was enjoying the wind in his face as we were heading to Trina’s. “Hey mister, can we stop at that Mickey D’s and get some fries?”
Cali loves to play with her toys outside. She truly looks like a hunting dog that is retrieving a pheasant.
She can stop on a dime (and two feet in the air) to catch a stuffie.

Stanley says, ‘hey, wait for me guys, I'm almost finished here’ as Anna and Blue take off.

Looks like Blue is still in the lead.

The kids had fun chasing balls in the yard. They love getting to see their buddies. Notice that none of my guys are in there. Lazy bums.

Blue plays ‘Jump the Dachshund’. Dante is not amused. Though he does enjoy the momentary shade.


  1. Awesome shots! As you notice, the pheasant is headless..horrible hunting accident a few weeks back. Pity.

  2. These are fab photos! It takes me a while to get them with my mega slow computer but they are so worth it!!

  3. those were amazing!

    poor dante. not given enough respect. you don't jump over dogs in his culture. the dachsunds find it offensive.

    cali... amazing.

  4. What fabulous shots! Can you email me the action shots of Blue jumping over Dante? I would love to frame them in a series. =) Poor Dante, he doesn't know how close he came to being rail-roaded!!