Wednesday, September 12

Dozen Dog Haul & 'American Omo'

On Saturday, we did a fundraiser walk for the Fredericksburg SPCA. Parker and Murphy were both from the Fred SPCA, so we decided to take all the guys for the two mile walk. It was getting a bit toasty near the end, and Stanley was starting to poop out. He kept looking at us like, ‘I’m a sprinter, not a marathoner’. He needed a nap on his mommy’s shoulder.
We got up at 3:30am on Sunday to go meet the hauler. I don’t think even Katy gets up that early for work. We managed to divvy up the seven girls and five boys among three cars, and the convoy headed back for my house. They got a break in the backyard before heading to the vet with another group of volunteers.

It was getting pretty warm around midday, so some of the kids were hanging out in the shade under the deck.
All this traveling was making them quite thirsty.

We decided to let our guys meet the newbies. The greys all greeted each other quite cordially. But the newbies were quite interested in the little black dog that didn’t smell like no greyhound. Parker had a little refuge on the deck as most of the newbies didn’t know how to do stairs, but he just couldn’t resist coming down to meet them. Of course he got assaulted before he could make it down the stairs.
We picked up two of the boys from the vet. Flying EightBall is white with black spots. Pete’s Flash is white with brindle spots. And we still have Baron too. 8 Ball only stayed one night with us. Pete will stay till the weekend. He and Baron will go to a forever home on Saturday. The adopters will see how each fits into their household, then one will come back to stay with us for a while longer.
I have been calling 8 Ball, Omo sometimes. Not only do their colorings look similar, 8 Ball also spent extra time under the knife while they stitched up his abdominal hernia. Being a little sore, he decided resting in the crate was not such a bad idea.
Pete, on the otherhand, is a bit wilder. He is just over two years old and has beaucoup energy to prove it. When I tried to get a shot of him in his crate, he gave me the stinkeye. He wanted out!

8 Ball striking a regal pose in the yard.

A closeup of his ‘Perry Comover


  1. OMO! I can't believe how much he looks like Omo! I hope I get to see him some while he is in his new foster home. He is a cutie!!!

  2. when i saw the photo in the crate, i couldn't help but say 'omo!' out loud. looks just like him. facial expression and everything. omo did tell me that he doesn't do the perry comover. he does have standards.

    what fun that must have been to have all the noobs with the old gang.

    stanley... i think he needs to cut back on the booze.

  3. *sigh* so adorable! the more greyhounds i see, the more greyhounds i want. i am still talking kenney into it though...i think once we get a fence and he doesn't have to walk the pups on a leash to get them to "go" i might have a better chance. i definitely have my eye out for a white one...maybe another big dumb boy. i don't know if we have enough room for THREE female egos in the house. ;-)

  4. WOW! That's a lot of greyhounds! I like the American Omo! and his comb over! The white ones have just as much awe to them as the black ones! It's great to be back on line now and be able to look at your Blog!

  5. I hope that he does not geeet zeee leaky willy like zeee Omo did!