Sunday, September 16

Botanical Gardens & Pete

We took the kids down to Richmond for an SPCA event at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens. Show up with your dog, drink a glass of wine, and listen to the live jazz band while laying on your blanket in the grass. The weather was perfect for the kids to lounge around for the entire event without overheating.
Here are Jason & Trina and Kenney & Amanda with some of the kids.

I went to the top of the hill to get an overview.

Of course the kids couldn’t resist the greys. Cali says you have to be this tall to pet me
Stanley. Don’t turn around. I think there is a baby head growing out of your back.
Pete’s Flash went to another foster home. He was a good boy. With so many fosters in this haul, we are trying to spread them out. He should have no problems getting adopted with this sweet face.
What a cutie.


  1. Pete's Flash is such a cutie! I love the baby pics with Stanley..that was the cutest thing! We will have to do that event next month!

  2. stanley looks like a natural at promos. o loses patience after noon.

  3. I want Flash! Can you pop him in the post???