Saturday, January 31

Finally It Snowed

Hard to get snow pictures without some snow. A couple of hours after these pictures were taken, the snow turned to ice, and nobody felt like playing anymore.
Stella and Stanley enjoying their first significant snowfall of they year.Pippi’s first snow. Stella just had to sneak into the picture.Stanley gazing into the distance.Stanley tries to lick off his snow moustache.How did he get it?Jaime thought it safer to eat a tree.Pippi enjoys running in the snow long after everyone else is tired out.Hey Stella wanta play?Come On!Uh oh! Better make a run for it.Stella says, ‘I told you she crazy’. She already pulled that one on me.Stella poses as a statue frozen in the snow.Oh jeez, not her again.Attack!!!Stella lays down the law.The rarely seen two-headed brindle. Only seen on snowy days.Where, where? Which way did it go?

Tuesday, January 27

VAGA Store Move

The VAGA Store has moved. Where? To my basement. So next time you order something from the VAGA store, Kris will go downstairs, open up a storage box, and whatever you ordered will be on its way the next day. Well, it might not be that quick quite yet.
First, the basement had to be cleared out of all the junk we’ve been meaning to throw out for years now.
The truck was packed in Northern Virginia and made its way down here. Linda and Rex got the event supplies, Debbie got the adoption supplies, and we got the VAGA Store.Debbie helps Allen pile on the storage bins. Kris will have fun taking inventory and organizing everything on shelves. Right now, it’s just a pile of stacked storage boxes.
Since we know that greyhounds are worthless as guard dogs, we are using our attack kitties, Greyson and Isabel. Isabel is taking her own inventory to make sure the greys don’t sneak downstairs for spare treats or toys.We also watched Topsail for a night this past weekend while his parents when ski-tubing. Sounds like fun. As an only child, Topsail loves these overnight playdates. Some dogs get Happy Tail, Topsail gets Happy Ears.

Sunday, January 18

Photo Tag & Stella Couch Queen

I was Photo Tagged weeks ago but just now putting up my 6th in 6th. This is back from Dec 2005. We had only had Stella not even a couple of months. I think we had just gotten Lucas on the most recent haul. And Rusty the red fawn was our foster at the time. All three of them and Parker are captivated by some noise. Probably a squirrel or someone walking a dog.
I’ve been on the road all week, so didn’t have much chance to get any good pictures this past week. So here are some shots of Stella being the Couch Queen from the previous week.
It was rainy that day, so we have sheets on the couch. No one is touching each other. Guess nobody likes that wet dog smell .
Stella wants to know if that bright light above her head was from a halo because she is such an angel .
Showing off her bat ears on the couch.
Sharing a pillow with Stanley. Kris says Stanley has a fivehead because his noggin is bigger than the average greyhound forehead. You think?

Sunday, January 11

Gal Come, Gal Go

It might have looked like we were starting to hoard foster dogs this week, but as of tonight, we are back down to one. Pippi just doesn’t seem to want to leave. While I was on the road this week, Freddy came to the house. And I picked up a Ginger the Galgo on the way back home. On top of that, Kris’ dad dropped off Murphy for the weekend. So much for a quiet weekend.
Freddy is a big black male. Laid back like most males.
Hey Freddy, can I clean your ears?
Sure, mind if I clean yours?
Oh Yeah?
Freddy posing by the honeysuckle.
Hey Charlie. What! What! What’s going on???
Ginger came over the same time as Charlie. You can read a bit more about their trip to the States at GAA Galgos Project. She is quite the cute girl.
She still has the body of hunter.
She didn’t mind snuggling with Freddy’s rump.
She found the big black pillow on the couch quite comfortable.
Jaime must exude that ‘Please Touch Me’ aura.
Ginger has a big ol’ shnoz and big floppy ears.
The two Galgos enjoy time on the couch.
Pippi snuggles with Stella’s rump, finally conceding her number 2 spot in the hierarchy.
The requisite bacony shot of everyone. Clockwise from left, it is Pippi, Stanley, Stella, Charlie, Freddy, Ginger, Jaime, and on the airbed are Parker and Murphy. We slept downstairs so everyone had plenty of room to spread out.
Charlie and Ginger were officially adopted, and Freddy went to a possible forever home this weekend.

Monday, January 5

New Years Fosters

We went down to Trina’s for New Year’s Eve. The kids always love to go visit the Richmond crew. Sometimes it’s like high school and its cliques. The Brindle girls were the clique of the day. Any color of brindle girl will do. This is Pippi, Cali, and Stella. Stanley can only watch, as he is only meets half the criteria.I guess I will go play with that stuffie that Cali stole from me last time I was down here.Dana too can only look from the outside, as she is a cowdog.Kris was not the only one playing Dance Dance Revolution. A few bottles of wine, and that DDR dance pad got quite the workout.For the new year we have one old foster and one new. We still have Pippi. She is still looking for a home with other big dogs. How is this for a sad, please-adopt-me-face.Charlie, our new Galgo foster says, oh yeah. I can do better than that. How about this?
Or this? I’m sure to get adopted now. How can you resist me?
Though Charlie has a leg injury and limps on his back right leg, it doesn’t slow him down when he wants to romp around the yard.