Saturday, September 29

Alex & Flo

Been out of town all week, so haven’t been able to get any good pics of Alex. He’s been here about a week now. Though still a bit hesitant around people, he really seems to be enjoying himself playing with stuffies or running around with the other kids. I did manage to get a couple of pics last weekend.
He’s not sure what the tv is, but he wants to know if he can join this roving band of meerkats. Not sure if he would be happy with a scorpion and centipede diet.

He seems much more assured of himself out in the yard. He and Jaime had just been bolting around the yard.
Flo came up in the same haul as Alex. She is at her forever home, but just needed some babysitting for the weekend. Look at that face. You can just tell she’s got a devilish wild-child side. Stella and Murphy are done playing in the yard and ready to go back in.