Friday, August 31

Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar 2008

Well, all my picture-taking has paid off. I managed to get four of my pics in the Celebrating Greyhounds wall calendar and another one in the desk calendar. Two are on the collection of smaller pics at the beginning of the calendar. One of Lucas, Stella and Dana in Trina’s backyard. Another of Winston in my backyard with a frog stuffie. Merit, aka ‘Minnie the Moocher’ is the main dog for February. And the main pic for October is the rooing shot of Merit, Vesta, Stella and Lucas. One last roo for Lucas!!! Stella with her witch’s hat made it for Halloween on the desk calendar.
Stella was so excited to see herself in the calendar multiple times. She celebrated a little too hard and is sleeping it off. Jaime, being the good sister, is keeping watch over her.
Note: Pics added on 9/1 for those who may not yet have a copy of the CG calendar. Here you go Barb :)


  1. HOW EXCITING!!! That is fantastic! I am working on putting my submissions for the 2009 calendar will take me that long to assemble everthing. ;-) You have a wild child on your hands with that Stella...she isn't a bad influence on your other pups is she? I like that Parker is there for her just in case she needs her hair held back. =D

  2. That's superb!!!!!! You take fabo pics of all your poochies. BTW< the pic of Stella may rate as porn lol, perhaps you should submit that one to playboy? hehehehe

  3. Thank you Gyeong! I really couldn't wait till the calendar came out :>)