Friday, September 7


I’m not into posing the kids for pics. I like to get them just being themselves. ‘Au Natural’. So I always jump for the camera when they are being particularly cute. Stella and Stanley were already on the couch. Then Jaime decided she wanted to be in the middle. So all the greys were on the couch and touching each other. Parker wanted nothing to do with this and was at the opposite end of the couch.

Jaime is loving this. Stella is tolerating it.
Well, it was bound to happen. Poor Baron has been hanging out with our kids for too long. He has been afflicted with ETS.


  1. Aww! In that one picture, if Jaime didn't have her yellow collar on, I don't think I could tell her apart from Ana! Look at those ears!! So sweet!

  2. i like how stanley has one paw out there. hello. i'm not in the middle, but i'm touching you. i'm participating.