Sunday, September 23

VAGA Picnic

Stella’s an old timer when it comes to VAGA picnics. This is a first for both Jaime and Stanley. We were also fostering Show Power who we will swap at the picnic for Alexander. Here are the newbies waiting anxiously for us to pack the car and get on with the picnic already.
Following are a few random shots from the picnic.
Kris was one of the nail cutters. We have a slightly unorthodox style. That’s me with a doggie in my lap, while Kris cuts their nails.
One new event was the Fun Run with radar. People were cheering the dogs on.
All for a plastic bag and a squawker.

I was holding onto the kids during the fun run. At this point, we had swapped Show Power for Alexander. They would yelp and squeal during every run. Kris stood with them in line for the run so I could get some pics.
Stanley easily beat Jaime and Stella. When we watched videos of his races, he was almost always first out of the blocks until the first turn. He was clocked at 34 mph.
Tempest was leading Roxie while Sidney takes his own path in the back.
The kids were pooped after their run.
The only thing that could get them up was doggie ice cream. This was Stanley’s first time with ice cream, and he of loved it.
Jaime has had doggie ice cream before. She loves it. She managed to eat three or four by the end of the day.

Parker stayed with Murphy and his grandpa for the day. Kris was busy doing VAGA Staff stuff, and I already had four greyhounds to keep track of. When we went to pick Parker up, the kids tried to make a Great Escape through the sunroof.


  1. Yeah for the kids having a great time! Stanley had the unfair advantage in those fun runs..he was racing not long ago. Stella and Jaime have had time to get 'soft'. ;-)

  2. Oh that looks like fun! And ice cream! What a fab day out.

  3. I love that last pic! SO FUNNY! You can almost see them thinking, "if only I were a little bit taller". =) Looks like you guys had a lot of fun...Ana is jealous that she didn't get ice cream. She is begging us to take her to Brusters now. ;-)

  4. that last one kills me.
    the whole post was wonderful to read. i like the way you cut their nails. i have to have someone else do it. tamale yelped once, i drew a droplet of blood, and i can't do it anymore. i make a friend do it. perhaps i could curlcuddle them like you do, that way i feel as though i'm involved.

  5. its amazing what greyhounds will do when a squawker is involved! We are now getting requests at the dog park from people to squawk the dogs back and forth across the park so people can see them run!
    Our kids had a great time at the picnic too...greyhounds just love being around other greyhounds!

  6. Wonderful photos! I love the last one and I love seeing them run too. We sure missed being at the picnic. Hopefully next year we won't have a family b-day :)