Wednesday, January 25

New laptop for father-in-law

Went to Best Buy Monday night to get my father-in-law a new laptop. Quite a few things broke on his current one over the past year, but when both screen hinges snapped and had to be held together with duct tape, it was time to get a new one. He mainly surfs the web and checks email, so we weren’t looking for a full-blown multimedia machine. We settled on another Toshiba. With a 15.4“ widescreen, 512 Mb RAM and DVD burner, this one should last him quite a while before it’s outdated. Since he is technically-challenged, I brought it home and proceeded to download freeware for firewall, anti-virus, and spyware. Until the hackers come around to hating Steve Jobs as much as Bill Gates and start harrassing Apple, I’m glad my wife and I both have Mac laptops. I love my Powerbook and my wife adores her cute iBook. He picked it up Tue afternoon, and I got a call after he got home that it wasn’t connecting to his wireless network. It worked on mine, and it was set to ‘automatic’, so it should pick it up. After a couple of trips back and forth to test his wireless router on my network and mine on his, it appears his wireless router is on the fritz. He will hit the Best Buy today to get a new one. Technology is beautiful when it works as expected. Trying to figure things out when it doesn’t can be a hair-pulling experience.

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