Tuesday, January 24

Fellow VAGA blogger Linda Dupie

Back to the Meet ‘N Greet I missed this past weekend. Linda Dupie, a fellow member of Virginia Greyhound Adoption (VAGA), took quite a few greyt pictures of the greys that were there. You can see her pics by following this link - Meet ‘N Greet. She has a ‘dog blog’ at Pawsitively Insane and has links to her others sites and blogs from there. Not sure how she does it. I have one minimal website and one blog that keep me busy enough. Maybe if I learned some HTML? :) On my ‘home office’ days, I will read to my wife from Pawsitively Insane while she is getting ready for work. Of course I am still in my PJs in bed surfing blogs and news sites on my Powerbook. Linda is a professional writer, photographer and aspiring dog trainer. Since neither my writing nor my pictures are nearly professional-grade quite yet, I won’t quit my day job :) She has three dogs, and her greyhound’s name is Dexter. He looks much like my Lucas in height and color. Just not as thick in the body, and hopefully not as thick in the head :)

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  1. LOL! Some days I barely do it :) And if I knew HTML, my web sites would look more put together :)