Monday, January 16

Justify the camera

I bought my Canon EOS 20D with the 17-85mm USM IS lens in March of ‘05. All my digicams have been Canons, so I probably wasn’t switching to a Nikon. So it was between the Rebel XT and the EOS20D. The regular kit lens is an 18-55mm. The upgraded kit lens is the digital specific 17-85mm f4/5.6 USM with image-stabilization. I justified it by telling my wife that it was for the greyhound pictures. My camera at the time was a Canon G2. Quite a capable camera for a consumer digicam. But, still saddled with slower focus and shutter lag compared to a dSLR. How was I supposed to take pictures of a sprinting greyhound with a pocket digicam? Quite hard to do actually. I promised I would take lots of pictures of the dogs, and also to help with pictures for our greyhound group, Virginia greyhound adoption. Since then, I have taken a few thousand pictures with the vast vast majority of them being doggie pictures. You can see some of the pictures on my webpage. It’s a fun as well as practical hobby. Since I can’t draw, paint or make things with my hands, I’ll stick with writing and photography as my creative outlets.

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